232 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration | MOISWELL Explorer V232

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With high moisture capacity of up to 232 pints (29 gallons) moisture removal per day (110 PPD AHAM) and high airflow rate of 353 CFM, Moiswell commercial dehumidifier V232 works well for for rapidly eliminating moisture in large spaces up to 8,000 sq ft, and urgent water damage restoration, fast structural drying, and other jobs that require fast dry.

What makes us great?
The high production quality ensures impeccable performance and long-term operation, even in the most demanding conditions.
Besides, all Moiswell commercial dehumidifiers are ETL listed and accompanied by a 5-year warranty for a hassle-free purchase.

High Removal Capacity

With a branded powerful compressor, Moiswell V232 can remove up to 232 Pints of water from the air per day and 110 pints per day at AHAM conditions, being great for rapidly eliminating moisture or keeping large indoor spaces up to 8,000 square feet dry and comfortable.

High Airflow for Fast Dry

With an efficient fan system that moves the air at a high speed at 353 CFM, this commercial dehumidifier can remove the excess moisture from the air and surrounding furniture or constructions fast, being ideal for water damage restoration after a flood or leak, new building construction drying, carpet drying, and etc.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

The heat exchangers, from their size to their core raw material, are optimized by countless tests and adjustments to reduce energy waste. Eventually, the moisture removal capacity of this commercial dehumidifier has been increased by 50% while power consumption has been decreased by 10%.

The high standard design meets ease and accuracy in use.
Moiswell commercial dehumidifier V232, with precision sensors and a large digital display control panel, offers an eye-catching and accurate humidity level readout as well as easy and intuitive operation.
① Set Your Desired Humidity Level: This commercial-grade dehumidifier supports a wider range but more precise humidity level setting from 10% to 98% in increments of 1%.
② Auto Humidity Maintenance: This dehumidifier will AUTO OFF when the room humidity reaches your set-point, and then AUTO RESTART when the room humidity raises back, automatically keeping the room humidity at your desired level without any further adjustment.
③ 24 Hrs Timer: Either delay AUTO-ON or delay AUTO-OFF this industrial size dehumidifier in the choice from 1 hour to 24 hours. Organize with accuracy the operational period and avoid the needless use of the dehumidifier for energy saving.
④ Auto Defrost: This low-temperature dehumidifier will automatically detect and melts away ice from frozen coils for continuous operation, so as to allow this basement dehumidifier can be used at low temperature down to 41°F.

Auto Drainage

Simply attach the included 6.56 ft drain hose to this dehumidifier to drain the condensation automatically and continuously by gravity for trouble-free operation!

Easy Mobility

With large semi-pneumatic wheels and sturdy bar handles, this dehumidifier is easy and safe to transport from from one room to another, from one job site to another, and even from downstairs to upstairs.

Durable Casing

This heavy-duty dehumidifier is made of a metal outer casing that is anti-collision and anti-corrosion, ensuring long-term use and easy maintenance.

Efficient Moisture Removal and Effortless Humidity Maintenance for Every Residential, Commercial & Industrial Areas

Keep Basements Dry

Forcefully drawing the moist, wet air in, Moiswell dehumidifier releases clean, dry, and warm air back into the surrounding environment, so as to keep your damp basements always dry and comfortable, and save the cost for repairs of structural damage.

Ensure Storage Safe

This industrial dehumidifier allows you to set a target humidity level between 10% and 98% in the increment of 1% according to your needs, and then maintains the humidity accurately at the set point to ensure your properties in the warehouse are in good condition.

Water Damage Restoration

It's crucial to dry your place as fast as possible to prevent damage to furniture, floors, carpets, and walls after floods, leaks or burst pipes. This restoration dehumidifier can bring the relative humidity down quickly, help you to remove water with ease.

Construction Areas Fast-Dry

High humidity levels may lead to delays, corrosion and coating failures in areas where you plan to apply a protective coating. Pros use this commercial dehumidifier to cure the coating properly and prevent trapped moisture and subsequent damage.